RDC offers customers easy and secure access to applications and web services. Because the ability to provide trusted information exchanges with multiple service providers is key, RDC required a sophisticated identity and access management solution. With easy integration and an enormous range of systems, the NetIQ suite of identity, access and security management solutions was capable of supporting tens of thousands of Dutch customers.

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“With individual logins to services, companies can monitor individual performance levels to ensure that their employees are correctly trained...”Lucas van RijenDirector of Account and Product Management, RDC

About RDC

As a leading IT and business services provider for the mobility services industry in the Netherlands, RDC enables car dealerships, lease companies, importers, garages, repair and rental companies to work smarter and faster through web-based services that support intra-company cooperation.


BOVAG, the mobility retail association, and RAI Vereniging, which represents national vehicle and vehicle part importers and wholesalers, jointly own RDC. The one-stop automotive services company provides applications and services for thousands of affiliated organizations in the Benelux, including automotive manufacturers, importers, dealers, insurers, and leasing and rental companies.

Automotive companies require access to dozens of different IT services, which RDC and other providers offer. But using multiple providers involved multiple authentication processes, which required users to remember numerous sets of access credentials. Many of the companies RDC serves had only one user account that all employees shared. As a result, junior employees potentially had access to confidential data or privileged services.

BOVAG and RAI asked RDC to create a solution that allowed users easier access to all services via a single sign-on interface while providing closer control over user access. RDC consulted Network Solution Nederland (NSNL), a company that specializes in identity and access management solutions, and chose to implement a NetIQ solution.

Our Solution

NSNL helped deploy NetIQ Access Manager and NetIQ Identity Manager and also built a dynamic web application launcher to give each user access to services. RDC now manages user accounts through Identity Manager, reducing administration by synchronizing authorizations with back-end systems. RDC also adopted a new identity and access management model that requires individual identities for each user. NSNL then helped restructure RDC’s business model and processes accordingly, and deployed NetIQ Sentinel for security monitoring.

In an upcoming third stage, RDC will deploy a federated model to separate its role as an identity provider from its role as a services provider. Users will log in to the RDC portal and Identity Manager will authenticate them for all relevant services, regardless of which provider delivers them.

Each user will receive a Mobi ID linked to his or her company and specifying which services he or she can access. If users change companies or work for multiple companies, their Mobi IDs persist, but the services they can access will depend on their new roles.


“With a single self-service platform for user management, service providers will be able to concentrate on developing better personalized services, instead of devoting resources to user administration,” said Lucas van Rijen, director of product management and exploitation at RDC. “They will also be able to analyze usage patterns, which supports targeting their services more effectively.”

RDC expects 70 to 80 percent of the mobility services industry to adopt the solution, which means hundreds of services, tens of thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of users will be online.

Companies will be able to control the services and information their users are allowed to access easily via a single dashboard.

“The NetIQ software has given RDC a sophisticated, secure and scalable platform that will help transform the way users, companies and service providers throughout the entire mobility services industry interact,” said van Rijen. “With individual logins to services, companies can monitor individual performance levels to ensure that their employees are correctly trained, which is helping to make the industry more professional. For end customers, it’s all about convenience. Rather than expecting you to piece together all the elements for yourself, the industry is coming together to fulfill your mobility needs—and the NetIQ technology is the key enabler for this.”

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  • Introduced a single self-service platform for user management
  • Provided a single dashboard for companies to control the services and information their users are allowed to access easily

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