I've got a user in my prod tree, that iMangler says only has one IDM
driver association (text driver)

It should also have an eDir to eDir driver.

That userid DOES exist in my ID Vault which also syncs to AD (and it's
in AD)

The problem is that when I modify that user (in the prod tree) I get:
15:46:01 96164BA0 Drvrs: Production-IDM-Edir ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TREE\ABC\IDM-Drivers\IDM-Drivers\Production-IDM-Edir
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \TREE\ABC\CO\ONR\DFW\jmthomps
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that is
already associated.<application>DirXML</application>

How do I find out whose got the "bad" association (I mean obviously IDM
Thinks the one in the vault is associated to something else already, but
I don't know what, plus when I use iMangler in the ID Vault tree to view
associations it gives me "illegal page error")

Do I have to "browse" the userid and find the GUID for the eDir driver
and then look for that in the prod tree?

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