So currently running an old NT4 domain with DirXML 1.1a (with password
sync) synching up the accounts and passwords to my edir (mostly) 873 tree.

We are upgrading the NT4 domain to a 2k3 AD setup. We continue to
require accounts from one edir container to be synch up with users in
this new AD. Now I don't know a whole lot about AD, just the basics. I
have a few questions.

Would it be best (and honestly easiest) to just scrap all of the old
Dirxml 1.1a stuff (stop the services on the NT4 boxes and kill the
passsync box, and stop the dirxml driver on the netware side) and just
treat this as a brand new setup and install? Are there any issues with
installing IDM in a environment where there used to be dirxml? Are there
any gotchas in a situation like this I should be looking for?

Thank you for your time,