Upgrading from IDM 2 to 3.5.1.. environment with about 2000 users and a
few hundred groups. Microsoft JDBC and AD shims.

I'm curently looking at 2 methods and just looking for any comments or

1. - Building new driver set in same tree
- Exporting drivers frol old driverset
- Importing drivers into new driverset
- Install new server with engine and jdbc shim
- Upgrade remote loader with AD shim
- Connect new server to new driverset
- Turn off drivers in old driverset and start drivers in new

Any problems with this ?
Will all users need to be associated again ?

2. - Build and Connect new server to current driverset.
- Upgrade Remote loader with AD shim
- Restart drivers

I'm about to test both methods but just looking for some comments.
With option 2, when I add the new server to an existing driverset does
each server (old and new) use the same drivers or does each server then
have their own copy ?

Thank you

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