Current Environment => DirXML 1.1a on eDirectory running on
Windows 2000, eDirectory Driver 1.1x (synch to eDirectory, AD
Driver 2.0 (synch to AD 2003).

Issue: We are planning on upgrading our Windows 2003 Active Directory
environment to Windows 2008 R2, initially in Windows 2003 Server Mode
but within a few months to Windows 2008 Server Mode.

Question: Can DirXML 1.1a and AD Driver 2.0 continue to synchronize
with Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Server Mode 2003? I am assuming
it can but have not tested. How about Server Mode 2008?

The longer term goal is to upgrade the DirXML environment to: IDM 3.6.1
on eDirectory 8.8.5 64 bit running on Windows 2008 R2. There is no
direct upgrade path that we are aware of from DirXML 1.1a to IDM 3.6.1.
So our plan was to upgrade to IDM 3.5.1 and the from IDM 3.5.1 to IDM
3.6.1. Our hope is that the existing code from the DirXML 1.1a AD
connector will continue to function in an IDM 3.6.1 environment with
some code changes, but that remains to be seen. Thoughts?

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