Hi Everyone..

Im hoping someone here has run into a similar issue. Over the weekend,
we upgraded our peoplesoft system to 9.4 (i think). A few weeks ago,
we went through and verified our driver will work against our UAT
system. We compiled our CI .jar file, and got the proper version of
psjoa.jar running, and all went well, from our dev system to our HR UAT

Over the weekend, they performed the upgrade in production, and we
copied over exactly what we did in our dev system. The CI hasn't
changed, and all the versions are identical. The only (possibly
glaring?) difference, is that in UAT we were using a windows server, and
in Production its a Netware 6.5 server.

The driver shim didn't change, though.. (it was working great before
the PS upgrade). All that changed, was the CI and the psjoa.jar.

Whats happening, is upon connect.. (in trace) the server abends with a
page fault in server.nlm caused by java.

We are running IDM 3.5.1 on the server with eDir

Anyone have any thoughts? (we have an SR open), but thought I would
post here as well, since our prod system is down due to all of this.




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