After upgrading to IDM 3.6.1 and upgrading the remote loader to the same
version, we are having this issue:

Some users either don't have a password sync status at all, or they
have a password sync attribute in ConsoleOne but it has an error at the
end of it indicating a veto action taken on the password. The accounts
get created in AD just fine, all groups, descriptions, etc. However the
password sync is out of wack. Some are new users, some are existing

All these issues get fixed when I go and set the Universal Password on
the user in iManager. In about 5 seconds, their password sync status is
good to go.

I'm not an IDM person at all. I do understand the drivers that we
currently have in place, but I'm not real sure how to troubleshoot
what's happening. I do know how to run a trace, but it's just giving me
the same error not really telling me anything new. error -8032
operation vetod by policy.

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