I currently have version 2.0.1 with JDBC 1.6.6 and AD drivers.

Can anyone help me with the following and share some experiences with
the upgrade process;

Do you need the "Identity Manager Web Components" and "Utilities" in my
environment ? To me it seems like extra stuff on the server thats not
really required.

We use Exchange 2003 and about to move to 2007. I understand CDOEXM is
the next way of provisioning Exchange accounts, which we don't use. I
still hardcode the homeMTA and etc. Will this continue to work with IDM
3.5.1 and exchange 2003/2007 ?

Is overlay and linkeage the same thing ? Just readng from page 38 in
the IDM manual for 3.5.1.

For my JDBC driver I am using the original Microsoft third party drivers
with Microsoft SQL 2000. Will these continue to work or do I need new
third party drivers ? At some point we are moving to SQL 2005/2008, and
I assume the third party drivers need to be changed then.

Any problems with the JTDS driver with Microsoft SQL 2000 ? I was
reading somewhere about it not about to stored procedures. Is it the
best and easiest to use ?

Recommended method of tranferring IDM server to new box without losing
events ?

Recommended to create new driverset,and import all drivers into new
driver set ? (the upgrade is all in same tree).

Any hassles with driversets starting when configured to new server ?