Trying to simply load a configured IDM 3.6 driver. I believe I have
everything configured correctly but the driver never attempts to start.

Here is the level 5 trace from the driver.... it's pretty short.

[08/20/09 19:57:16.141]:Notes :Reading named passwords list.
[08/20/09 19:57:16.142]:Notes :Named passwords:
[08/20/09 19:57:16.142]:Notes : Name:
[08/20/09 19:57:16.143]:Notes :Reading XML attribute
[08/20/09 19:57:16.153]:Notes :Reading XML attribute
[08/20/09 19:57:16.155]:Notes :Reading XML attribute

It gets this far and then shuts down. Any suggestions as to what I
could be missing?

Thanks in advance.

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