We have had to rebuild our Microsoft SQL Server which is connected to
our IDM system, so the JDBC driver has been a major topic for me this
week. I believe we are using the Microsoft JDBC driver which is
probably nolonger available anymore but for the moment I can live with

I have been able to copy the C:\novell folder from our old server to the
new server and the JDBC driver has been able to be started, all
authentication has worked, and data is flowing. The process has not
given me much confidence.

My question is related to passwords, and hoping someone can confirm some
information for me. We are using a JAVA connection, so no remote
password is required but I don't actually know what my application and
driver passwords are where they are stored in the config, I am hoping to
change these at some point, but have no idea where this is stored. I'm
assuming the application password is the database user with which I'm
authenticating and can change this from within the database, but how do
I change the other passwords required to start the driver if I had to
rebuild it completely. Is this config in the C:\novell\ folder ?

I think I have ucky to juts copy all the files from old server to new

The folders I copied across contain a series of .jar files in the lib
folder. I understand this is the Microsoft third party drivers and also
Novell JDBC drivers, but just by looking at these files they hold no
configurations and are just vendor files. SQL server must do some
internal authenticating work on port 1433, but apart from that I find
the entire process very confusing or how SQL is even aware of these
files existence.

I need to migrate this at some point and cannot get my head around how
this works.