I’ve been running the Active Directory driver and remote loader
version 351 for a few years without a problem. Currently were in the
process of upgrading our Windows infrastructure to Windows 2008 so
I’ve been working on getting the IDM infrastructure prepared for 361.
I have a problem getting either the 351 or 361 Active Directory drivers
to connect to the IDM 361 remote loader. Trace logs indicate no

When attempting to connect to the Microsoft Server running IDM361
remote loader, the meta-directory engine trace log indicates:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \UAT_TREE\DS\DirXML\DriverSet2\SYM - Active Directory
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Retry
Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status
indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail from
driver: No connection to remote loader

The remote loader installation and instance configuration was clean,
with no error messages. The remote loader appears to run fine, with the
trace listening on default ports, but the trace indicates no connection
activity when I start the driver. Suspecting some weird firewall issue I
used a Protocol analyzer on the Win2k8 host to validate traffic from the
IDM server and the capture show the IDM server attempting connections on
the correct port.

I’ve tried re-installing the remote loader. Even installing the 32bit
version, but have had no success.

Novell Host - IDM 361, with eDir885 running on RHEL 5.2
Microsoft Host - Win2k8 SP2 64 bit server operating as a DC, with IDM
361 remote loader.

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