I am having trouble on a lotus Notes driver on Identity Manager (v3.50).
When a password in changed in our vault, the driver seems to process
the password change and sends it to our remote loader. Here is what I
see on the remote loader:

DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.82]: TRACE: Notes: NotesSubscriptionShim:
Input Document contains 2 Identity Manager commands
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.82]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber Modify Op:
UNID = A7087062C895D3CA852575BC0067107D
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.82]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber
performModifyOperation() ** attr size = 1
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.84]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber
performModifyOperation() got attr #0
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.84]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber:
performModifyOperation - OperationType = REMOVE_ALL_VALUES
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.89]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber:
***performModifyOperation: all values removed from document field
(attribute): HTTPPassword*
**DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.89]: TRACE: Notes: Subscriber:
performModifyOperation() ** attr type = HTTPPassword attr value = <!--
content suppressed -->
DirXML: [08/24/09 13:13:54.89]: TRACE: Notes: item is null, doing

FYI: nspmDistributionPassword is mapped to HTTPPassword.
I am perplexed on why this attribute is being removed. Does anyone
have any ideas with which they can help me?

thanks in advance.

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