I have an AD domain with 3 domain controllers. On one of them I have the
remote loader and pwfilter loaded and running successfully. Syncing
mostly works and on this DC, the pwfilter is 'Running'

Since this is my first foray into IDM, I didn't immediately catch that I
needed the pwfilter installed on all the DC's (it makes sense), once I
started seeing inconsistent user/password syncing I went back and
installed the pwfilter on the other DC's. The problem is getting the
filter to move go into the running state.

I've looked at several TID's including 3976631. I've checked and double
checked the permission on the registry keys and I've tried both the
hostname and IP of the remote loader in the configuration. I've rebooted
the DC's multiple times.... Status always stays at 'Installed'

In Event Viewer, there are entries that say the pwfilter has been fully
initialized but no entries on password sync state.

What am I missing?