i am not sure if this was something specific to my environment or not, i
dont think so. but one of my test systems has a 64bit 885ftf1
vault,,,and one of edir drivers is talking to an 885 32bit vault.

i tried to regen the certs in designer(301) and they regened with no
errors in designer and validated in imanager. however the 885 32bit
server would core everytime he tried to talk to the vault. ndsd would
restart fine but just core whenever he attempted to talk. i recreated
the certs several times and got the same behavior.

finally i upgraded the 32bit server from 885 to 885ftf1 and the problem
went away.

i am not sure if there is some odd bug/compat issue or what.

if anyone stumbles on the same behavior please post so we can start
tracking it down.

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