I'm having trouble getting user objects to move between OUs in our
connected LDAPs. For example, we have OUs named "Student" and "Alumni"
in both the vault and a Netscape LDAP on RedHat. When a user object in
"Student" is moved to "Alumni" in the vault, I get an error "No
association for parent for move operation".
I've seen a previous post on this error by Father Ramon saying to set
the destination by association rather than DN, but that gives me "entry
doesn't exist in target LDAP".
I've tried a rule to delete the object in the old OU, reset the
association to the DN of the new OU. The delete works, but by default it
tries a modify for the new object rather than an add and I get the
"entry doesn't exist" error.
I can attach a trace if it helps, but I think I'm just doing
something wrong with handling moves to LDAP. What is the standard
procedure for handling moves when the association is the actual DN?

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