We started out with IDM 2 ( may have been called DirXML then), then
updated to 2.01 and then to 3.5 and then to 3.5.1

The drivers themselves:

eDir to eDir (production tree to vault)
Loopback (this was done in 3.5 version I believe)
UserApp 3.5 (used only for user app, not roles, not provisioning, just
the free stuff)
Text delimmited driver (I think also 3.5?)

Anyway, then the vault:

eDir to eDir driver
eDir to AD driver (no password from AD to eDir, just password from eDir
to AD, so there's no password sync module on the AD side, just the
remote loader)

What's the "best" method for upgrading the drivers themselves? (Like
when you go into iMangler, it asks if you want to upgrade, so far we
click no/cancel)

Upgrade in designer and then re-deploy?
Or use iMangler?

No Exchange here.

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