Have customer ruuning IDM 3.6 and GW-driver.
IDM is running on dedicated machine with OES2.
Groupwise is version 7 and running on dedicated SLES10.
Remote loader running on Groupwise-server.

IDM-server has replica of all partitions with users.

Comunication comes up fine between IDM an RL and I can see heartbeat
in trace.
But no users are sync:ed.
I've placed a GCV with user source in driverset, pointing to top
container of users.
In placement policy I've made a policy pointing out that if userss are
in specific OU they shold be placed in specific postoffice.
But no sync... Not even a trace of attempt in trace-file.

Does the GW-server (running RL) need to have replica?
Anything other that I havn't fullfilled?

Installed latest GW-drv-patch.

When starting driver I get: "Code(-9046) Invalid password specified
for <check-password>." in the log.
(had a tread about this earlier in this forum, 2009-05-06, same
installation, no solution)