NetWare 6.5.7 server is running GroupWise domain & post office.
IDM 3.5 driver is connected to GroupWise and worked until GroupWise 8

Server was migrated from physical box to VMware virtual machine using
NetWare Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit (SCMT).
After P2V migration the GroupWise was upgrade from 7 to 8 (NetWare)

IDM 3.6.0/3.5.1 GroupWise Driver Version 3.5.3 Patch 2 was installed
'NOVELL: Downloads - IDM 3.6.0/3.5.1 GroupWise Driver Version 3.5.3
Patch 2' (

According to patch installation intructions the NLMs and Java modules
were copied as follows:
*Copy all NLM's to sys:system\gwdriver
*Copy all jar files to SYS:system\lib

Also the GroupWise version was upgraded as follows:

<definition display-name="GroupWise Domain Database Version"
name="" type="enum">
<description>Select the version of the GroupWise Domain Database
that this driver connects to.</description>
<enum-choice display-name="GroupWise 8">800</enum-choice>
<enum-choice display-name="GroupWise 7">700</enum-choice>
<enum-choice display-name="GroupWise 6.5">650</enum-choice>

The driver won't start, the error is:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TREENAME\CORP\DirXML\IDMdrivers\GroupWise
Status: Fatal
Message: <description>Failure initializing GroupWise</description>
<code>javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: Failed trying to open
the domain.\MAIL:\PRIMARY</code>

If necessary please see the full log attached to this message.

Any tips how to troubleshoot?

-Regards, Harri-

|Filename: GrpWise_IDM_log.txt |
|Download: |

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