I know this sort of thing has been asked before but I want to use a
delimited text driver to replace a task which is currently beign done by
an MIIS server.
What we have is:
HR provide an overnight extract of all users
If a user is not in the file they should be deleted from eDirectory (I
don't actually want to delete but just set an accountstatus attribute to
"deleted". I have an existing rule on a driver which will disable and
move any such users to a "Deleted_Users" OU. i have looked at Geoff
Carman's time-token tip and can see I could use that to set a string
attribute (say HR_last_changed_date) to today's date using dd/mm/yy
I assume what I need to do is setup a loopback driver rule and a
trigger job to check each user and if this value has changed then set
the HR_last_changed_attribute.
I'm ok with creating the trigger condition and job but what I'm not
sure about is how I can get it to check the date hasn't changed and
therefore set the accountstatus attribute to "deleted".
Is a string attribute for the HR_Last_Changed_date suitable or do I
need a different type?
How do I check if the date is today's date, as I said I can see how I
can set an attribute to today's date but I'm not sure how I read that
attribute to see if it's today;s date.
I'm sure I'm just being thick but please be kind :-)

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