This is IDM 3.6.1 with Notes driver/ndsrep.exe 3.5.4: ndsrep process does not accept tell commands when instance name contains underscore "_" character:

> load ndsrep mpma_all-idmtree

03.08.2009 10:01:40 NDSREP - MPMA_ALL-IDMTREE: Initialization Complete.
03.08.2009 10:02:01 NDSREP - MPMA_ALL-IDMTREE: mummert\zentral\mpma_all.nsf h
asn't been modified since 03.08.2009 10:01:02 CEDT
> tell mpma\_all-idmtree showconfig

The MPMA\_ALL-IDMTRE task either does not exist or does not accept "Tell" comman
> tell ndsrep quit

03.08.2009 10:02:29 NDSREP - MPMA_ALL-IDMTREE: Addin Process Exited.

Is this a domino problem or ndsrep-specific? I seem to remember that it worked without problem with IDM 3.5.1 - no domino server to verify this roight now, though.


PS: is it really sooo hard for developers to keep file versions consistent and up to date? ndsrep.exe as it comes with IDM 3.6.1 reports "file version:" when opening it's properties dialog, "version" tab. Looking at the property list below on the same tab, it says "File Version: v3.5.4". rlconsole reports "v1.0 (c) 2003" since ages in the About-Dialog and file properties consistently have version since at least IDM 2.0 days - despite the fact that in every IDM version rlconsole has a different time stamp and file size. Annoying and not exactly inspiring confidence...