Windows Server 2003 SP2, eDir 8.8.5
Upgraded from IDM 3.5.1 to 3.6.1 with no errors noted.
When I try to start a driver I get the error "..DirXML Interface Module
VRDIM is not currently loaded into Netware or DHOST". I searched and
found several postings on this and followed instructions to run DSTRACE
and restart dirxml.dlm and the error I get in the trace is:

Misc : jvmload: using C:\Novell\NDS\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll JVM
Drvrs : Error initializing DirXML: java.lang.VerifyError:
Incompatible JClient/DClient package
JClient Revision: 1.6.1402
DClient Revision: 1.3.1172
at novell.jclient.JClient.<clinit>(
at novell.jclient.JCContext.<clinit>( 368)
com.novell.nds.dirxml.engine.MiscDS.createLocalCon text(
at a:255)

Drvrs : DirXML shutting down...
Drvrs : DirXML shutting down.

I can't find any references to this and don't know where to go from
here. Any ideas?? I even re-installed IDM 3.6.1 but still same

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