Hi all: We are running IDM 3.5.1 ID-Vault with the following
applications attached:

JDBC (our hr-database)
eDir2eDir (to the production Tree...)
ADS (Active Directory)

We are now testing/preparing the synchronisation with LotusNotes
(version 8.5, but the problem already exists on the older Version 7.03

The password synchronisation is based on the distribution password and
works well, but we have one problem:

When a new user is synchronized from the JDBC driver into the ID-Vault
and then synchronized to LotusNotes, he gets the wright http password
all the time. His id-file gets only the wright password, when the
eDir2eDir and the ADS drivers are not running (also a single driver
causes the problem...). In case of running the drivers the user id-file
password becomes the default notes password, which is set in the
LotusNotes driver configuration.

In the traces (with ADS and / or eDir2eDir running...) I see a lot of
nspmDistributionPassword modify events caused from ADS / eDir2eDir
drivers, which results later in a password modify event on the
LotusNotes driver itself.

So it seems to be a timing problem in running multiple drivers... A
synchronization with a stopped LotusNotes driver (and clearing the
notes driver driver cache) brings me a user-id file with the wright
password, too.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Lars.

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