we are currently experimenting a big problem about eDirectory 8.8.3 and
IDM 3.6.1.

Here is the case:

Sometimes, eDirectory locks some objects. For instance, if an object is
moved, then moved once again, the second move is delayed.
According to the warning messages from the drivers, the previous move
is still in progress and that's why we cannot move it anymore.
Yesterday, our customer reported us they are facing the same problem
but just by modifying an object.
Actually they only changed the surname of a user object, and they
couldn't perform others actions after that. The driver was stuck in a
"Retry later" process, while the object is locked.

So this is my first question:
Which operations are likely to block objects in the directory? Where
could i find a list of it?

We already know about the move operation, and now the modify operation
seems to be able to produce that kind of situation.

Another question:
How much time is the object locked? Can we tune the value to reduce
Actually we can't afford to wait for long minutes when an account have
to be disabled.

The second big question is about IDM and drivers: we've noticed that
when an object is locked by eDirectory, the drivers which should
performs actions on it are stuck in a "retry later" process.

I assume this is quite normal, if an event cannot be processed, it's
queued in the driver and wait for the time it could be processed. The
trouble is that when this situation happens, it seems that the blocked
event is blocking the whole event queue of the driver. This is kind of
embarassing to block the whole driver for just one event which is

Is this the normal process for the drivers? I already noticed it on a
Null Driver and on a Delimited Text Driver.
Is there a way to set the driver to process others events while another
one is queued to be retried later?

Thank you for your help,

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