I am about to deploy IDM for AD sync. I will be using (for now) the free
bundled edition that came with Zen 7.

Our infrastructure consists of

12 remote servers running NW6 SP8 (edir 8.8.5)
2 Servers cluster attached to MSA1000 SAN running NW6 SP8 (edir 8.8.5)
1 Master server running NW6 SP8 (Imanager server) (edir 8.8.5)
1 SLES10 server (Intranet) running JVM1.6 / Latest AMP eDir 8.8.5

All in the tree.

We are using password selfservice via NMAS and forgotten password and
also PWM1.4 (cooltool).

I am about to setup password selfservice for 100 users who are in a
seperate part of the company using AD. I am going to do this via means
of a new OU with matching eDir ID's and use IDM to sync with their AD
accounts. I will then use the PWM web based portal for resets (tied into
eDir) and maybe also the NMAS method.

My query is this

Should I install the meta-directory component on the master Netware
eDirectory server (I believe this is compatible) or on the SLES server.

I need to run IManager on the Netware server, Running imanager on the
SLES server is no good as it cannot support the Netware based iPrint. Or
will I be able to still control IDM from the NETWARE Imanager even
though it is based on the sles server. (hope you followd that :-D)

I know any webbased stuff would need to go onto the SLES server, but as
this is the bundled edition, there are no web based componnents.

Secondly, do I need to use the Designer program as I am on the bundled
edition, or is this not necessary?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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