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I'm just developing a text driver to output changes from IDM 3.5.1 into
a text file in XML format that will be picked up by a 3rd party HR

The problem I seem to be having is the driver is generating multiple
output XML files when updating a single record within the

For example, I edit a user using iManager or ConsoleOne and modify
their firstname, address line1, telephone and email address and click
OK. That's 4 attributes that have changed in one update. This generates
4 events in the cache file, which I guess is fine although I would have
expected multiple updates per event.

When the text driver picks this up, it then creates up to 4 output XML
files (sometimes it may only generate 2 or 3 files), with each file
containing 1 or more of the individual attribute updates.

I've tried modifying the limit for the number of output XML files on
the driver from 1 up to 15, and if I do this I do only get 1 XML file.
However, this is in effect simply a concatination of the 4 individual
files so there is a lot of duplication.

I don't see this behaviour on any of the other drivers, they all cope
with multiple attribute updates as a single event.

My text driver is running on the IDM engine server rather than as a
Remote Loader, would this make any difference ?

Does anyone have any ideas how can I get the text driver to package
these updates as a single transaction ?

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