In an add or modify, values have timestamps like:

<attr attr-name="Surname">
<value timestamp="1159961731#97" type="string">Munster</value>

I haven't figured out how, yet, but I'm reasonably sure I can get the
value of timestamp via XPath. But what format is it in? How are those
numbers interpreted?

It looks like it's probably a UTC time and an event counter (ie: an eDir

I'm trying to see if there's a way to decide if this particular change
(in this case it's part of a modify) has happened within the last 24
hours. I can get the current time, that's easy enough. But is it valid to
compare this value timestamp with the current time to see if it has
changed recently, or if this change is older?

David Gersic
Novell Knowledge Partner

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