What I try to achive: I want to set GroupMemberships according to the
Value in the Entitlment param part

** Code **
<value timestamp="1248183455#9" type="structured">
<component name="nameSpace">0</component>
<component name="path.xml">

** End Code **

In a for-each Added Entitlement Policy

** Code **
<description>User: GroupMemebership handling</description>
<if-class-name mode="nocase" op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<if-op-attr name="DirXML-EntitlementRef" op="available"/>
<token-added-entitlement name="GroupMembership_2"/>
<do-trace-message level="3">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">For each Add</token-text>
** END CODE **

i need to get that Param Value at the place where i got my Trace
Message. What i expected was an Document with the Values in it, but i
got this

** Code **
cds-AD ST: Performing actions for local-variable(current-node) =
<entitlement-impl> @id = "1248183489957" @name = "GroupMembership_2"
@qualified-src-dn = "O=user\OU=intern\CN=Andreas Bucher" @src = "NRF"
@src-dn = "\CDS\user\intern\Andreas Bucher" @src-entry-id = "33273"
@state = "1".
cds-AD ST: Action: do-trace-message(level="3","For each
cds-AD ST: arg-string("For each Add")
cds-AD ST: token-text("For each Add")
cds-AD ST: Arg Value: "For each Add".
cds-AD ST:For each Add
** END Code **

im quite sure there is a way to get what i need/want but i dont find

Thanks for your help
Kind Regards
Andreas Bucher

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