Dear all, i searched 2 days for a solution in the internet and also here
in the Novell forum, but didin't find a solution. May be for you it's
not a big deal, i have currently no ideas. So i will be grateful for
your information.
*Problem:* As you know there are some third party tools (for example
Faxsoftware) that extend the schema from eDirectory. So the user object
has attributes with an empty value. No problem in eDirectory, but if you
try to synchronize this user object with AD it doesn't work.
Now my question: How can identify the empty value? How can i tell the
AD driver that this attribute will not sync, until the attribute has a
To understand it easier i would say there are some empty attributes
c3kActivated, c3kAccount, c3kCcRole, c3kLocation etc.

Thanks in advanced

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