I'm working on the steps required for an IDM upgrade from version 2 to
3.6.1. We use it to Sync AD and eDir.

Do you know if there is a support matrix spreadsheet on Novell's site?
Could've sworn I've seen it before, but I'm having troubles locating it.

I'm a little fuzzy about going from 2 to 3.6.1 in regards to a Parallel
Installation versus a Migration. Is it better to Migrate the Server's
Identity to the new OES box -or- setup an OES2SP1 Server and IDM
services on a brand new box?

Can I use the same AD driver that I'm using in 2 and import/migrate it
into 3.6.1? Or, do I need to re-create the driver?

I can see that we have to upgrade our Novell Client from 4.91SP2 to
4.91SP4/5. Is there a preferred NICI and NMAS version?

We have Exchange 2003 and will be going to 2007 later this year. I can
see that will require an additional AD driver. Has anyone heard if
3.6.1 will support Exchange 2010?

I plan to have the new IDM box with eDir 8.8.5 on it, but leave the rest
of our Netware environment at Has anyone had any issues
with this configuration? I read somewhere about a Novell Client problem
where if the Client authenticated against an 8.8.5 box and it went down,
that the Novell Client took a long time to simply reconnect to an box.

Thank you very much for your time,
Mr Mister