We have 2 eDirectory trees. We are synchronizing Users and Groups
between them using eDir-to-eDir driver. In the Filter, "Member"
attribute for Groups is present, but "Group Membership" attribute for
Users is not present.

When an User is added to a Group in tree1, the "Member" attribute is
synchronized to Group in tree2 through driver. Then the IDM Engine
automatically updates the "Group Membership" of User in tree2. This is
fine. But when we remove the User from Group in tree1, the "Member"
attribute is synchronized through the Driver and User is removed from
the Group in tree2. But the User's "Group Membership" attribute still
contains the Group value and it is not removed by the IDM Engine. Is
this a bug or expected behavior? We are having eDirectory 8.8SP3 and IDM
3.5.1. The IDM and driver runs on a writable replica with full


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