Hi All

I have a query with association values between two eDirectory trees
using IDM 3.5.1

I know the association is based on GUID, but when I look at the object
in both trees the association value is the same, even through the GUIDs
are different between trees.

So for example, a user in Tree 1 has GUID of 123 and is associated to
user in Tree 2 which has a GUID of 456. The association value on both
objects is 123.

I would have expected that the value on the object in Tree 1 would have
been 456. i.e. the GUID of the object in the remote system., which is
more like how all the other drivers work.

Is there anything that explains why the eDirectory driver works
differently in this regard that I can try to get my head around as I'm a
bit confused !

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