It is unclear to me from the docs, an issue about the GW Client custom

Two things. First off, can you set these settings at any time?

For example, manage space restrictions (quotas) by say group membership,
or perhaps Entitlement? If a user is added to a GW-ExtraSpace group
they get set to a restrction of 4GB of mail?

Or is it on <add> events only? The docs do not mention this as a
restriction, on the one hand, but they do not say explicitly that you
can on the other hand. On the gripping hand... (Any one else get the
reference? Good Larry Niven Sci fi stories, Mote in Gods Eye. They
have these aliens that are not bilaterally symetric, and they have a
third hand, known as the Gripping hand, thus, they have a saying "on the
one hand, on the second hand, on the gripping hand...")

Second: Can you query for these values on the Sub channel? I.e. Read
back what the current settings are for a GW user? That would be VERY