Hi, hope we're all well

We have a reasonably complicated environment here where everybody's
home drives are managed via our Novell identity management solution.
We've managed this by creating a few scripts to create and remove home
drives using the Novell IDM Scripting Driver. We are currently building
a transfer script which moves a persons home drive to another region if
they were to be transferred.

The issue with transfer is that users may already have files in there.
There are folder restrictions but it is still possible for a person to
have a large home drive and to also have many files stored. We have a
requirement to move these files to their new region if they were to be

We've built the scripts which successfully moves a person's home drive
if their home drive is small in size. Obviously the larger the home
drive, the longer it'll take to transfer the drives. We've found that
the scripts have a timeout of 120 seconds and I can't see where it is

The Polling and Heartbeat Interval settings in the driver configs did
not help us so we got a little bit desperate. We decompiled the
wsdriver.exe (purely for educational purposes) and found that the 120
second timeout was hardcoded - can anybody confirm this?

Here is the snippet of code:
eax = "WindowsScript_executeCommand: command timed out after 120

Here are some logs:

2009-07-02 15:18:39 [28132@5152] (trace):
WindowsScript_executeCommand: command timed out after 120 seconds

[07/02/09 15:16:39.187]:NOS Email Scripting ST:Remote Interface Driver:
Document sent.

-exactly 2 minutes later ...-

[07/02/09 15:18:39.247]:NOS Email Scripting :Remote Interface Driver:
[07/02/09 15:18:39.247]:NOS Email Scripting :
<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.6">
<product build="Mar 24 2009 13:52:00" version="3.5.1"/>
<status event-id="WorkOrder#Publisher#01" level="error">Error
executing script command for object

So basically I need to know (before I start re-engineering my code to
run scripts in seperate threads) whether I am wrong about the hardcoded
120 seconds or whether it will ever be fixed.

Thanks in advance

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