I am trying to sync a new group A from eDir to LDAP using a LDAP driver.
eDir has groups A, B, C. LDAP has Group A only. I've created a new
policy in event transformation and it syncs users with groupMembership
of the group A. I've encountered an LDAP error when i've tried to add a
new member to Group A, who also has groupmembership of Group B and Group
C on eDir. My question is, if a user has groupmembership of A, B and C
on eDir, and is synced to LDAP where there is only Group A, will the
LDAP drop syncing because it doesnot identify groups B and C? Is there
an alternative to sync without having to create Group B and C on LDAP?

This is the ERROR from the logs:

ST:Submitting document to subscriber shim:
ST:Stripping operation data from input document
eDir2LDAP: LDAPSub.performAddOperation() Calling
>ST: eDir2LDAP: LDAPSub.performAddOperation()

\DEV\O\OU\test-groups\Group B Group B refers to an unassociated entry.
It will be dropped.
[> ST:eDir2LDAP: LDAPSub.performAddOperation()
\DEV\O\OU\test-groups\Group C Group C refers to an unassociated entry.
It will be dropped.

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