we are working with IDM 3.0.1 (planned the upgrade to IDM 3.6 in
september) with connections to Solaris, Active Directory and JMS (Sonic
MQ). AD is connected via a Remote Loader on a Windows 2003 Domain
Controller server. JMS is connected the same way, on a Windows 2003
member server with Sonic-MQ software. My problem is exactly this : if
the server hosting the Remote Loader crashes, the synchronization
between eDirectory and AD stop, we haven't any system providing High
Availability. With JMS we have another server with Remote Loader
installed and configured, and if the first server goes down, we can
manually change in Driver Configuration (iManager of Designer) the IP
address of the Remote Loader, and then load Remote Loader in the second
machine. But obviously is not the most advanced and automatic way ...
Do you know how to provide a more sophisticated HA to the Remote


Carles Ciutat

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