Hi everybody

I am in IDM3.6.1 /Role project now (We went life yesterday), were we
have app. 80 driver running on one Machine with 20 GB of Memory and 2 -4
Core Processors.

Utilization is fine. I gave 12 GB to eDirectory JVM and the server is
running by 250 percent (of course spread across all the 8 cores). There
is a second machine (2 Processors anf 4 GB RAM) running the Userapp.

The problem I have (and this is also my question): We imported
yesterday from the leading system about 44.000 Users. The JDBC Driver
was ready at 5 am this morning (so about 9 hours, which is fine). But
the Role Service Driver and the UA Driver are very very slow. There are
about 10.000 Object process for now (3 pm - this means nearly 19 hours),
the oldest transaction from the cache is 5:50 am this morning.

Is there any hint or trick how to tune the Role Service driver? The UA
is already tuned with 1,2 GB JVM Heap, increased threads to 1000). This
is what I see in JBoss Console for the IDMProv Application:

localhost/IDMProv (UA Version 3.6.1)

Start time: Wed Jun 24 15:42:53 CEST 2009 Startup time: 104 ms TLD scan
time: 584 ms

Active sessions: 0 Session count: 173379 Max active sessions: 599
Rejected session creations: 0 Expired sessions: 173379 Longest session
alive time: 5088 s Average session alive time: 60 s Processing time:
113192 ms

JSPs loaded: 29 JSPs reloaded: 58

Role [ /role/service ]

Processing time: 69813.82 s Max time: 22406 ms Request count: 173351
Error count: 0 Load time: 235 ms Classloading time: 234 ms

JVM Environment

Free Memory: 143 MB

Max Memory: 246 MB

Total Memory: 231 MB

#Threads: 72

JVM Version: 1.5.0_15-b04 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

JVM Name: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM

I am wondering about the active session count of "0" while I have
500.000 plus entries in the RoleService Driver queue. I know that the
UserApp Driver might handle the sessions but still there I habe about
1.000.000 Entires in the queue.
Network utilization between the servers is more or less low (about 10
to 15%).
I would highly appriciate If you could give me some ideas were to
troubleshoot or tune.


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