Hello all

I have read through pretty much all the posts pertaining to the SOAP
driver and they have proved invaluable, but I wanted to post this just
to get some input for my particular situation. I have a target system
that will have web services enabled APIs (unfortunately I do not have
the WSDLs yet because the APIs are still in development). The APIs that
will be accessible will be for user creations, user modifications, and
checking endpoint status. Provisioning will be one way (vault to target

I think I have a decent understanding of how to send the target system
requests from the subscriber channel, but am a little confused on how to
handle the return document on the publisher channel. Things that are of
particular interest to me are:

creating associations (do I do this with XSLT or in the policies when
the transformation has already happened)
logging successful and unsuccessful user creations/modifications to
Novell Audit
sending notifications to users/administrators based off of result of
provisioning request
tracking the status of the target system web service endpoint and
logging/sending notifications when it is unavailable (I actually dont
understand how to send a status request through the subscriber channel
as well)

Anyways, I know that this a softball type question and I have not
provided much detail, but any input on those above topics from those of
you that have implemented a SOAP driver in the past would be very
helpful (lessons learned, leading practices, etc..)


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