Hello all-
Hope your week has started off well.

We are still running IDM 2.01 (plans to upgrade late this summer)
questions for that will have to come later.

We have an Identity Vault (on NetWare eDir 8.7.3.X) and connect to
another eDir tree (NetWare eDir 8.7.3.x) with our eDir driver. This has
been working great for 5-6 years...but need to sync one of our
attributes that was not opened in the filter. In our vault we created
an aux class and attribute that I need to sync up with our second tree.
I have looked at the migrate into eDir...but that seems to want to clear
out things we have in tree #2 that are not in the vault (like the phone
number and description for example). The migrate from eDir seems to
only let me set the attribute to 1 value...each user has an unique

I am wonder how one can tell IDM to just sync 1 attribute....hopefully
this makes sense....my plan B is to extened the schema and then write a
script to use ldapmodify and point it to tree #2 and just write the
value in...but I would rather use IDM.

Thank you for your time...


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