Father Ramon,

Since you have been particularly loquacious lately, could you explain
something to me?

I often see the [. = not(.)] or the like (Actually, you used: $v[. !=
'x' and . != y] )style syntax in XPATH and I do not understand what is
being said there...

You used it in an explanation of strip XPATH over the weekend.

Could you explain a little (in simple words I might understand) what is
going on there?

I saw Michael Kay figured out a way to do the intersection of two node
sets in XPATH 1.0, as something like:

<xsl:variable name="intersection" select="$ns1[count(.|ns2)=count(ns2)~"/>

<xsl:variable name="set-difference"

So basically could you explain why the XPATH

works? Or how it works?