I am working through the IDM self study guides. The one with DA-CORP
and DA-IDM. For those not familar we have two separate IDM tress, both
eDirectory drivers are authoritive over each other initially, but then
later in the exercises this changes, and this is where I am having
trouble understanding how this works.

The attributes Given Name and Surname are part of the matching rules,
therefore the filters need to be setup accordingly. The guide tells me
to change to the following config below:

Based on the example DA-CORP now becomes authoritive over DA-IDM.

The filter setup is like this:

Given Name - Synchronize on Publish and Subscribe
Surnamer - Synchronize on Publish and Subscribe

Given Name - Synchronize only on Sunscribe
Surnamer - Synchronize only on Sunscribe

If I look at the driver diagram within iManager showing all the rules
and filters and communication flow.. and look at those filter settings
applied I cannot figure out how this let users flow from DA-CORP to
DA-IDM and not the other way.

I obviously have no understanding of how subscribe and publish work.
Based on my example can someone please help ? Based on that same
diagram I would assume that on DA-CORP I would need to synchrnize across
Publish, and ignore over synchronise. That diagram is very misleading.

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