I'm not an expert on this and hopefully my basic understanding is okay.

IDM on eDir has a driver set with drivers in it. Some of this
information is not 100% stored in eDir, but is tied to the specific
server in which the engine is installed on.

In other words, if the information was 100% in eDir, I could simply use
the eDir replica ring for restoring purposes (unless of course all rings
are lost or corrupted). But I'm 99% sure that if the server hosting the
IDM engine and driver is totally wiped out, I cannot simply reinstall
OES2 SP1 Linux, IDM, and re-add the replica onto it and have it work all
the way.

I know I can export the driver, but I'm pretty sure that reimporting
causes issues to (associations or something) and requires that you had
the passwords documented (I inherited some stuff and the docs aren't all

IF I use a dsbk to backup the database on the IDM server (and all my
servers in the ID vault), would that be sufficient in the case of a
major disaster?

Meaning, the server hosting the IDM engine and driver totally
fails/dies. I would reinstall the OS and IDM code (vs. possibly
restoring from tape backup), and restore the backup file that was
created from dsbk (from tape backup) and that should be okay?

Or am I missing stuff?

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