Ok, so ParseDN is a kick ass token. Kudos to the authors! It can do
seemingly magical things with DN's in so many formats (and you can
define more of your own! I wish I understood that part! Father Ramon
tried to show me once, and I lost him after the second paragraph!).

If you ever considered doing some of its tricks on your own, you realize
how complex a task it is really doing.

Anyway, ran into an interesting one. We have a AD domain and everybody
is named Last, First. Then their AD object gets named CN=Last\,
First,ou=blah and so on...

Well ParseDN is seeming to have trouble when parsing LDAP DN's when
there is an extra comma in there.

Not all our objects are coming back with the middle comma escaped (\,)
but some are and some aren't (I have two different code paths where this
happens, so I get a little confused exactly which case it is happening

If you tell it to get the leaf most node of cn=Last, First it usually
comes back with CN=Last by itself, and the converse of get everything
BUT the leaf most node, and I am getting back First,ou=blah and so on.

We are using this DirXML-ADContext to pass tree structure from a
structured AD to a structured eDIR LDAP tree, through a flat IDV in the
middle. I.e. Place in AD or LDAP based on the DirXML-ADContext.

Anyway, I think I cleared it up in one code path, and the second I can
fix by not using ParseDN this way. What I am curious about is, is this
a bug? Or is it a PICNIC (Problem in chair, not in computer) problem?