I have a strange Problem, which currently raises up very high.

Scenario: I am in the process of an Upgrade to IDM 3.6.1 for a
customer. We will setup a new driver set parallel to the old one. We are
testing now the initial migration. All drivers a fine, except eDir-eDir
(as usual I am willing to say).

Boteh objects (local and remote Tree) are in sync and have associations
for the old drivers. If I Migrate now from the HR system, the new eDir
drivers should match the users and establish an association.

The match works. This is what I get back on the match query:

Match found: src-dn='\LTC-EDUC\LTC\IAM\Staging\ducdo100'

the empty association is my problem. No idea were it comes from.
Because of this later I get the message:

A match found, using .

and later:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \IAM-META-PP\system\resources\DriverSet\LTC-ADMIN
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9024) Unable to read current state of .

The objects are synced. But the remote Object does not get an
association attribute for the new driver, the local (Meta-Tree) one
does, but with an empty value (only state and driver are filled in).

The drivers have a standard filter (GUID are set to sync on both
subscribers) and no policy which will filter GUID.

Any ideas?

BTW: On the remot tree we have IDM 3.5.1 on netware, eDir.8.8.2


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