I would like to know inside my driver, who created the file my delimited
text driver consumes.

This file has been designed to show me a student ID which I am to act
on inside my driver. If the student ID has been fat fingered, in other
words, if the student ID does not exist in eDirectory I send an email to
Santa Clause telling him we've made a mistake.

Problem is, many different schools share this routine. Santa gets the
email, but he doesn't know who made the mistake which is the same person
who owns that particular delimited text file.

I'd love to tell Santa who the owner of that file is, so that he knows
what school this mistake came from, so we can call the right person.

Right now, we go into the input folder and right click on the file in
error to get the owner name, which is good, but it could be better if we
could supply that info in the email.

Thank you for your support

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