I've been maintaining an aux class attr in my filter which stores a
status. Whenever my request is completed I strip it off which very
obviously again triggers an event(and i want to veto this event).

The problem statement is this:
Whenever it is stripped off, it must look like this:
<xml></xml> , therefor I check for a string in my veto like this


but when i take the xml in a nodeset using xml-parse from a string and
then serialize(xml-serialize) it back into a string (after some
operations on node set) I get spaces or tabs in the string. This causes
the check in my veto to fail.

How can i remove these tabs/spaces?? Is there a xpath function.
I tried normalize() but it didn't work.. If normalize is the correct
function, do guide me with the syntax..

Here's some log for that attribute -ABC for reference

* <modify-attr attr-name="ABC">
<value timestamp="1244541842#9" type="string">&lt;xml>
&lt;Status CorrelationID="20090609150647946">R&lt;/Status>
<value timestamp="1244545164#11" type="string">&lt;xml>


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