I'm trying to use IDM 36 to populate our users into Active Directory
running on Windows server 2008. Our identity vault tree is laid out
geographically. I've created custom placement policies that work when
creating users or editing the attributes on existing users in the
identity vault tree. However, when a user is moved, the following error
is displayed in ndstrace: Attempt to move an object to an unassociated

All I can figure is that since the containers in the Target AD tree
were created manually, they are not associated to the corresponding
containers in the ID vault tree. So, the target container will either
have to be created by the Identity Manager driver so that an association
is automatically added when an account goes across the subscriber
channel to AD. Or, I will need to check for the association prior to
the move operation and have the IDM driver make the association prior to
attempting the move operation. How could I accomplish either of these?
Thanks in advance!

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