So the docs for 3.6.1 appear to be up at the old 3.6 site. The main Doc
page is not updated, but it does say 3.6.1 and date is Jun 5, 2008.

Anyway, in the whats new a couple of questions:

1) Supported updates. Not from 3.01. Only from 3.5x. Ok, does that
mean to get from 3.01 you install 3.5.x then install 3.6.1 on top? Or
is there no way to get from here to there?

The docs do not address this at all. Just make it look like 3.0x users
are screwed and stranded.

Should be easy to clear up with one sentence!

Ok I take that back, it is addressed later. so all that needs to change
is a reference to the upgrade options so it is clear from the page that
got me all worked up!

2) This is good to see there:
NOTE:Identity Manager 3.5.x works with Remote Loader 3.6 and 3.6.1
supported platforms.

Now its official! Yay!