I am trying to get going with IDM 3.6a running on Netware 6.5.8, I need
to syncronize eDirectory into Active Directory. I click on Import
Multiple drivers, name it, select a valid context and a NetWare server
running IDM (I also select create a new partition), but keep getting the
following error:

The following 'Exception' was thrown but not handled.

''(Error -637) After an object has been moved from one context in the
tree to another, the Directory database will not allow that object to be
moved again until all replicas of that object have been updated.''.

Define the new driver set properties.

I've tried this several times over the past few weeks and always get
the same error. Am I going about this in the wrong direction? When I
check on Drivers under the IDM box at the top the driver appears to be

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