So XPATH often has funny results if you use a string context with a
nodeset and what not.

So how about I have a nodeset of values from a Case Ignore String mutli
valued attribute (Specifically I am thinking nnmContactList from GW
Messenger) that has LDAP DN's for users, but as a semi colon delimited
list in a single attr value. (Ya I know, stupid usage of attributes,
and should have used either a structured attribute with a DN syntax
field or something else...)

Looks like a set of values like:
8;0;7;2;;cn=TURNERRS,ou=Migrated,dc=americas,dc=ww t,dc=corp;Turner,
Roberta S.;

If a user moves, I may need to update the DNs stored as strings. (Why
not use DN syntax and this issue goes away!!! Argh!)

So if I have a nodeset of values of the nnmContactList from a user in
local variable CURR-CONTACTS could I do an XPATH test of:


and have it return true, if ANY of the values contains it? This way I
can very quickly decide which ones I need to process.

Else I have to loop through each value, do a contains() test on it.
Doable, but be nice if XPATH was smart enough, as I find internal XPATH
functions always faster than brute forcing it.