We are attempting to use the IDM 3.51 Bundled Runtime supplied with Zen
7.0 to provision mailboxes on an Exchange 2007 Server. With a
considerable amount of troubleshooting and modification, we are able to
get the IDM to create Exchange mailboxes if we use a unused AD field to
trigger the creation. I.E, if we populate an unused AD/LDAP field with
the word "Exchange". This cludge is not viewed as acceptable.

Is this product not supposed to work "Out of the box" with Exchange
2007, or is it unreasonable to not expect to have to make modifications
to the scripts in order for the system to work? Has anyone been able to
use the runtime IDM 3.5.1 to automatically provision Exchange 2007
mailboxes without using a cludge as outlined above?

(Note: IDM running on Netware 6.5)

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